BizStarts works with entrepreneurs, service providers, capital connections and other resources to help launch and grow new companies that will create sustainable jobs. From small stores to large, scalable start-ups, BizStarts is a one-stop center that offers all the help and connections entrepreneurs need including: one-on-one meetings, market assessment, team assessment, financial preparation and more. BizStarts assists entrepreneurs in Southeastern Wisconsin by:

  • Helping  entrepreneurs starting new companies focus on what they need for success and connect them with the proper resources to expedite launch and growth.
  • Working with existing businesses looking to grow by providing connections to financial, management, and other resources to scale, grow revenues, and create jobs in the region.
  • Promoting a stronger entrepreneurial business culture and climate in southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Working in conjunction with other groups in the entrepreneurial space, from academic programs to other for-profit and non-profit organizations focusing on start-ups and scale-ups.
  • Providing online resources through, serving as a one-stop address for entrepreneurs to access information, service providers and events.
BizStarts Initiatives

BizStarts focuses on four major initiatives, based on best practices from other cities, regions and organizations, including the Kauffman Foundation, which promotes entrepreneurship throughout the country.

1. BizForge
BizForge is the space where BizStarts provides a base: a base for entrepreneurs to come and receive coaching, guidance, and connections; a place where mentors and service providers can work with entrepreneurs to prepare them for launch or help them scale for growth; and a place where investors, bankers, and other sources of capital can discover Southeastern Wisconsin’s most promising opportunities.

2. Events
BizStarts events connect people in the entrepreneurial space and promote the importance and spirit of innovation and business growth for the region’s future prosperity. From annual anniversary parties to inspirational entrepreneur celebrations, there are plenty of great opportunities to meet others who can inspire.

3. Workshops
A new slate of workshops are under development that will address a variety of topics facing entrepreneurs and small business owners. Many will take place in the BizForge offices, others will happen around the region. a

4. Investor Forums
Where the rubber hits the road for start-ups and scale-ups: investment. BizStarts has connections to individual investors, investor funds, banks, and other sources of capital that want to connect with promising start-ups and small but growing companies. The Investor Forum is the “big show”, where BizStarts brings them together for pitches from business owners ready to launch or expand.

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