FUEL Milwaukee

Business and talent attraction are inextricably linked. Each is required to sustain and grow our economy. Attract the right jobs and we will attract the talent, and equally true, attract top talent and we will attract the jobs.

With changing demographics at our door, and brain drain a reality, a priority of the Milwaukee 7 is to attract and retain world-class talent to the region.

The statistics are daunting but not insurmountable. Baby Boomers are beginning to retire and the replacement pool is roughly half its size.  The retiring talent pool will affect all levels within the workforce from the shop floor to the executive suite.  RHR International, a global performance consultant, is reporting America’s 500 biggest companies will lose half their senior managers in the next five years.  Locally, the recent Milwaukee 7 Business Call Program has identified skilled workers as a critical workforce challenge along with recruiting and retaining talent.

The region is also experiencing brain drain of its young, college educated. According to the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, we currently add 1,800 young professionals annually, but need to add 5,300 annually to compete.


FUEL Milwaukee is the leading organization addressing the talent attraction and retention work of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce for the Milwaukee 7 regional effort.

Its mission – to position and establish the Milwaukee Region as the region of choice for world-class talent – is being backed by its growing membership of 60 employers and 6,000 professionals from around the region.

With the image of Milwaukee cited as the number one barrier to attracting and retaining talent to the region, FUEL Milwaukee has launched a series of strategies to fuel a new reality locally, nationally and globally. At a time when talent can go anywhere in the world, FUEL Milwaukee is positioning the region as a region of choice by:

  • Positioning regional employers as the most diverse and flexible in the country. The region can already claim being home to the most “best companies to work for” per capita.
  • Establishing the regional talent pool as being the most engaged in the country. The more involved our professionals are in their communities, the more likely they will stay and the more influence they can have on what the region becomes.
  • Helping employers market a fresh and unified message about the Milwaukee Region to targeted talent pools.  


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