Midwest Energy Research Consortium

The Mid-West Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) is focused on the growth and economic competitiveness of the Energy, Power & Controls (EPC) industry cluster across the Midwest region.

M-WERC represents one of America’s largest clusters of EPC companies, educational and research institutions, and other key industry stakeholders. M-WERC acts as a catalyst for the growth of these companies and industries, located in the greater Midwest region, through technology innovation, market research and development, and engineering entrepreneurship. The organization is helping drive the Midwest and U.S. to be energy independent based on usage of innovative solutions tied to energy-related activities such as generation, transmission, distribution, storage, automation, power conversion and energy efficiency/conservation.

M-WERC combines industry and the power of leading Midwest engineering research universities and technical colleges to support member companies, provide cutting-edge consulting, research, workforce development and industry expansion in the EPC Industry. Its Energy Innovation Center (EIC) offers a unique space to bring together industry and academic scientists, engineers and business leaders to conduct joint research, jump start innovative technologies, transition prototype products to the commercial stage, and nurture startup companies. The center is a resource for entrepreneurs with ideas they want to transform into successful businesses.

The EIC hosts WERCBench Labs, a 12-week immersive program for technology innovators. WERCBench is interested in startups and early-stage companies in the fields of energy, power, controls, ar/vr, robotics, drones, internet-of-things, and 3D printing. Businesses must have a core team of engineers, scientists, or programmers who want to develop their technology into a product and business. Participating companies will receive a $20,000 investment; $10,000 at the start of the program and $10,000 upon successful completion of the program.

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