Talent Attraction & Development

The aging workforce and today's knowledge economy are putting even greater pressure on the region's labor market, creating talent shortages, skills gaps and labor mismatches. As the region's economy continues to reshape itself due to global competition, disruptive technologies, innovation and customer preferences, our future workforce must also evolve.

The Milwaukee 7 Talent Partnership is working to deploy the region's full spectrum of workers to meet employers' needs. It is addressing immediate talent needs for businesses while also developing the region's talent pipeline with a focus on high-potential industry clusters. An example is the Talent Partnership's GROW HERE Campaign, which facilitates career-based learning experiences between students and businesses to keep young talent in the region. Learn more about the M7 Talent Partnership.

Dedicated to attracting and retaining young professionals, FUEL Milwaukee engages employees in the community, making it more likely that they continue their careers here. Through its 6,000 members, FUEL promotes community involvement, a positive regional image and contemporary workplace practices in the region. Learn more about FUEL Milwaukee.

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