The Water Council

Drought, geography and population growth are placing greater and greater demands on our irreplaceable natural resources. Looking forward, water will take center stage as the forces of global economic growth continue to collide with the forces of global resource scarcity. We need solutions now. That’s why water technology innovators, who can help people and companies better use their water resources, have an opportunity—right now—to become key players in the global economy.

The Water Council is a trailblazer for global freshwater research, innovation, education and business development.

The Water Council’s rapid evolution in Milwaukee, supported by vigorous public-private partnerships, is creating a powerful and unique international success story, with far-reaching ripple effects within the city, the state, the region and the global water industry.

As a water innovation center of excellence, The Water Council supports all stages of water technology companies in the Great Lakes Region, throughout the United States and around the world. With its core focus on freshwater research, innovation, education, and business development, we understand that all levels of organizations within the water technology industry have specific needs.

Programs include:

The BREW (Business Research Entrepreneurship in Wisconsin) Accelerator, that unleashes water innovation by funding water technology startups with commercialization potential. This first-of-its-kind accelerator pairs a unique water-focused startup community with credible resources of the World Water Hub to help entrepreneurs from around the world accelerate results, inspire action to create further opportunity, and disrupt the status quo.

ICE (Innovation Commercialization Exchange) Institute is an initiative of The Water Council that aggregates, evaluates, and connects emerging technologies that address water issues across a wide range of industries including utilities, agriculture, and manufacturers.

Through a U.S. Small Business Administration Regional Innovation Cluster award, the Small Business Channel promotes the growth and development of small businesses operating in the water technology sector – both in the Midwest and across the United States.

The Water Council is the official North American regional partner for the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), an international multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to enhancing water stewardship. AWS brings together leading organizations from around the globe who are committed to advancing the responsible use of freshwater.

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