M7 Midwest Innovation Exchange Project Evaluator RFP

Milwaukee Development Corporation Request for Proposals for Milwaukee 7’s Midwest Innovation Exchange Project Evaluator Services, Supported by EDA

Proposals Due: February 28, 2020
Notification of Award: March 6, 2020
Submit Proposal to: ethelen

RFP for Midwest Innovation Exchange (MIE) Project Evaluator Services

Complete a neutral and unbiased assessment of this project’s impact across two regions – City of Cleveland and City of Milwaukee.

Services Required:
Provide a proposal (including a scope of work, project timeline, pricing, and team qualifications) specifying their approach to accomplish the following:

  • Evaluate Project Purpose
    • Assess the project purpose, process and impacts of the Cooperative Agreement for the MIE Project
  • Review of Project Structure
    • Evaluate the organizational structure of the MIE Project Team
    • Assess the process of the MIE Project Team in determining pilot activities and to establish a sustainable organizational structure and process for the potential continuance of providing Federal Lab assistance to applicable and appropriate companies, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Impact Assessment of the MIE Project in the Cleveland and Milwaukee Regions:
    • Recommend additional data measurements to measure the impact of the MIE project
    • Measure the overall impact of the engagement efforts, such as system building, network collaboration for the companies, partners/organizations involved in the project activities
      • This should be primarily based on a review of the pilot projects and deliverables performed by the MIE Project Team for the Cleveland and Milwaukee regions to determine the economic benefit, including job creation and private investment, for these distressed regions
    • Capture success stories for companies and partners/organizations impacted by the MIE Project
    • Evaluate the density and strength of the partnerships and networks formed between industry and government
    • Assess potential next steps and recommended future actions



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