M7 Midwest Innovation Exchange Roadmap RFP

Milwaukee Development Corporation Request for Proposal for Milwaukee 7’s Midwest Innovation Exchange Roadmap, Supported by EDA

RFP issued on: December 30, 2019
Proposals Due: January 15, 2019
Notification of Award: January 17, 2019
Submit Proposal to:

RFP for a Technology Landscape Analysis: AI & Machine Learning Impacts on the Milwaukee Region
Milwaukee Development Corporation (MDC, dba M7) is issuing an RFP to hire a Subject-Matter Expert (SME) to participate in an ongoing project (“Roadmap”) to identify the key technologies that Milwaukee should focus on to further its economic future.

Scope of Work:
The SME will work with MDC and Aurora Worldwide Development Corp. (Aurora WDC, Madison WI), a key participant in the ongoing Roadmap process, to provide the services outlined below.

As the Milwaukee region's industrial economy will be impacted by the growing application of global Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning trends MDC has partnered with Aurora WDC to produce a long-range analysis of these impacts on the region. This Request-for-Proposal is to contract solicited direction, guidance and input from a subject-matter expert (SME) on technology forecasting with the overall analysis to be presented as a written report by the end of March 2020.

The project covered by this RFP will be broken into two (2) phases:

  1. the first phase will comprise a global trends survey of AI technology applications in terms of their imminence/urgency, impact/importance and certainty/probability as to the global economic outlook;
  2. the second phase will then localize these trends to those which will have the most urgent, probable and important impacts on the Milwaukee region, followed by an examination of possible response options to these trends.

As a matter of equipping the contracted technology forecasting SME with AI-related experts in the region, MDC and Aurora WDC will assemble a network of industry, education, science, and other community specialists with a professional interest in regional economic success to participate in the above process.



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