Resource Center

The Milwaukee 7 Resource Center supports the mission of the Milwaukee 7 economic development collaboration to strengthen the economy of southeastern Wisconsin by attracting, retaining and growing companies and diverse talent.

Located inside We Energies’ headquarters at 231 W. Michigan St., the Resource Center provides interested parties with armchair access to information about prospective site locations, demographics, and the region’s cultural and leisure activities. Its features include:

  • A nine-screen plasma array used to individually or simultaneously display multiple Web pages, video sources or computer data. The 9-by-5 foot plasma screen will provide the visual clarity needed to effectively examine content.
  • Access to an interactive database to facilitate searches for prospective buildings, sites and location criteria -- from a single setting with real-time information.
  • An extensive video clip server highlighting the diverse and dynamic aspects of the quality of life in the Milwaukee 7 region.
  • An audio conferencing system utilizing a built-in sound system to ensure clear sound delivery.
  • An Internet provider-based video conferencing system with adjustable camera controls and settings to capture all aspects of an interactive meeting.
  • Access to Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) connectivity throughout the conference center.
  • sophisticated system that not only provides the technology needed to conduct a meeting, but also the confidentiality and privacy required for due diligence activities.

For more information or to schedule the Milwaukee 7 Resource Center for an economic development meeting, please contact Shari Riehle at 414-221-4657 or

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