Cluster Industry Accelerators

The Water Council's BREW (Business Research Entrepreneurship in Wisconsin) Accelerator, that unleashes water innovation by funding water technology startups with commercialization potential. This first-of-its-kind accelerator pairs a unique water-focused startup community with credible resources of the World Water Hub to help entrepreneurs from around the world accelerate results, inspire action to create further opportunity, and disrupt the status quo.

The Mid-West Energy Research Consortium's Energy Innovation Center (EIC) offers a unique space to bring together industry and academic scientists, engineers and business leaders to conduct joint research, jump start innovative technologies, transition prototype products to the commercial stage, and nurture startup companies. The center is a resource for entrepreneurs with ideas they want to transform into successful businesses. The EIC hosts WERCBench Labs, a 12-week immersive program for technology innovators. WERCBench is interested in startups and early-stage companies in the fields of energy, power, controls, ar/vr, robotics, drones, internet-of-things, and 3D printing. Businesses must have a core team of engineers, scientists, or programmers who want to develop their technology into a product and business. Participating companies will receive a $20,000 investment; $10,000 at the start of the program and $10,000 upon successful completion of the program.

FaBcap is FaB Wisconsin's business and finance accelerator designed to build the capacity and capitalization of the state's growing food and beverage companies, positioning them for success as a sustainable food or beverage business. FaB selects ten growing companies to participate in the one-year FaBcap program and anticipate these companies will be on the front edge of market demands. The selected businesses must be Wisconsin-based, with 5-50 full-time equivalent employees, and generating revenue in food, beverage, ingredients, equipment or packaging manufacturing products or technologies. Companies receive one-on-one financial and business coaching, quarterly cohort meetings covering varied business subjects, and $10,000 in seed capital.

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