M7 Campaign Report & Prosperity 2025 Campaign

The Milwaukee 7 Economic Development Partnership is dedicated to making the region globally competitive, supporting high-value employment and fostering a vibrant quality of life. We do this by working to grow, expand and attract jobs and capital investment to the seven counties of Southeast Wisconsin.

In the past five years a lot has changed in the Milwaukee Region and in the world. The pace of global engagement continues to accelerate. How and where work gets done is evolving. We understand the strengths of our core exporting industries and we are supporting them in new and innovative ways. But our success will be dependent, as it always has been, on our people.

The Milwaukee 7 reached — and exceeded — its goals in the past five years and we are poised to accomplish even more in the next five. We are competing against regions from around the country and the world. Working together, we can ensure our future prosperity.

M7 2015-2019 RESULTS

- 10,521 Pledged Jobs (32% above goal)
- $60,584 Average Wage (20% above regional average)
- $1.9 billion in capital investment

View the Milwaukee 7 2015-2019 Campaign Report & Prosperity 2025 Campaign



This is an unprecedented time – an urgent crisis with an uncertain timeframe. As we bridge to recovery, our region must be ready to quickly pivot and compete in the “next normal.” Economic competition will only intensify after the crisis passes.

We must invest critical resources to keep the Milwaukee Region relevant and competitive. A region-wide plan will help position the region to be a destination for businesses and talented employees seeking stability and growth.

Prosperity 2025 is a 5-year campaign of the MMAC and Milwaukee 7 to raise $10M in 2020 to fund the following three focused strategies:

- Growth

- Talent

- Livability

Each strategy has measurable objectives. Together, they will help us stay competitive and relevant.

How we act in this moment will have ramifications for decades.

We need consistent collaboration to build Metro Milwaukee as a region of choice for people, jobs and investment. We need resources. Above all, we need committed leadership.

Join us in the Prosperity 2025 Campaign.

Contact Robert Recker, M7 Chief Development Officer, for more information about the Prosperity 2025 Campaign and becoming an investor.
d: (414) 287.4177
c: (407) 403-1501


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